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These are the DT links for the moment.   When I have time, I'll be sure to update them and remove dead ones.  I will add lots more, but I first must browse the Net to gather them. Please help out and send useful links (related or non related to DT)   This site is the official DT site.   Check it out for the latest news and pictures.

Metalman  A true metal fan with many metal MP3s.  I strongly recommend it.  Only a few progressive songs, but his site rocks anyway.

Dream Theater Multimedia 1.0   Nice DT page with a good layout (unlike mine).  Has some files for download.  Links also available.

Great DT Mp3s   Rare Dream Theater MP3s. 

Unofficial DT Songbook  This site contains a songbook that includes all of Dream Theater's songs.  It's a .txt file about 60 pages long which I printed just for the fun of it. 

When Dream and Web Unite This page is in french but it is translated into english as well.  Has lots of stuff on the site.  Recommend this one a lot!

Erotomania Superb site!  This is a special one.  It includes info on Dream Theater, but it also contains info on many other preogressive bands.  Gotta see!